A pot is a pot is a pot is a pot                        
duo exhibition with Ryan Whelan
Goodmother Gallery
408 13th St, Oakland, CA
October 15, 2016
A pot is a pot is a pot is a pot  is a duo exhibition featuring Bay Area artists Ryan Whelan and Liz Hernandez. The artists reveal a narrative about family and origin by focusing on their connection to the world through vessels. Ryan and Liz use seemingly ordinary objects to create metaphors for their interconnectedness with others and explore how a tangible thing can trigger nostalgia.

Liz Hernández focuses on the materials, techniques, and environment where vessels are created. Her work draws inspiration from the rich pottery tradition of her native Mexico. The pieces in this exhibition are made primarily with leftover clay slips from her previous ceramic practice.

For Ryan Whelan, vessels have taken a pivotal role in keeping his family connected, whether it is the collection of coffee cups from his father, the field of pots and plants that his mother takes care of, or the stacks of dishes after a potluck with his sister. He uses a mixture of flat colors, hard edges, and minimalism to create personified portraits of vessels.