Flores que brotan entre antiguas piedras
October 15 - November 4, 2020
Pt.2 Gallery
1523b Webster St.
Oakland, CA 94612

With the death and fall of a flower, a supernatural entity is summoned.
She roams through the streets and palaces of an ancient land’s past. A civilization turned into a city where its inhabitants expose their interior to get to know themselves, and she seeks to document and understand them.

In the words of the director, the short film is a love letter to the city and its people. Today it is a globalized metropolis, rich in history, where the past often becomes a nostalgic idea. Moving towards the so-called first world becomes a desire that forces its residents to bury their emotions. Fear and sadness are two feelings considered negative and, therefore, rarely discussed. For me, they mirror a reality concealed daily, like the once-hidden temples surrounding us. Exploring our emotions, whether positive or negative, helps us understand who we are and where we are heading.

Director and Cinematographer: César Iván Ortiz López

Producers: Liz Hernández, César Iván Ortiz López
Production Assistant: Jesús Guerra

Carmen Serratos Chavarría
Rocío Rebollo Vázquez
Khiabet Morales

Please reach out if you’d like to host a screening.